How to transform the horizontal toggle clamp
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How to transform the horizontal toggle clamp

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How to transform the horizontal toggle clamp

Horizontal toggle clamp, also known as the quick clamp, clamp, elbow clamp, is often used in work that requires clamping and pressing objects. The principle of dead-point clamping in mechanical mechanics is applied to the production process of horizontal toggle clamp. Now let us introduce in detail how to transform the horizontal toggle clamp so that it can better achieve our purpose.

Here is the content list:

  • Keep steady

  • Prepare the required tools

  • Replace and fix

  • Painting and installation

Keep steady

To avoid the influence of external load changes and mechanical vibrations during use, the middle hinge point is designed slightly to the inner side of the connection of the other two hinge points to ensure that the horizontal toggle clamp is always used under the maximum clamping force. Not loose in a stable state. Clamping force refers to the maximum pressing force of the indenter on the workpiece when the clamp is in the locked position without mechanical deformation. This pressing force is produced when the indenter moves up the arm to the position closest to the mounting seat. The pressing force of the indenter on the workpiece varies with the different positions of the indenter on the force arm. When it is far away from the mounting seat, the pressing force decreases.

Prepare the required tools

The most annoying part of using a horizontal toggle clamp is to adjust the length of the front indenter. In addition, the quality of the rubber indenter is not very satisfactory, so we can transform the horizontal toggle clamp into what we need. The tools for transforming the horizontal toggle clamp include screw rods, rubber indenters, hacksaws, and epoxy resins. You only need to prepare these items in advance.

Replace and fix

The rubber feet of the horizontal toggle clamp is too light, and need to be replaced with a heavier rubber foot, which will have better-clamping force and stability; then find a metal screw for cutting, and use a hacksaw to cut out a suitable length; to tighten the indenter more comfortably, you need to replace it with a wing nut; find a thicker rubber foot, such as a furniture footpad; first fix the hex nut on the just cut screw.

Painting and installation

Apply resin to the hexagonal nut that is ready to be fitted into the rubber feet, and remember to wear gloves when using epoxy resin; after the hexagonal nut is inserted, coat the outer layer with resin, so that it has double protection; then put on a hexagonal nut, lock the rubber pad; screw on the wing nut for the final lock. After completing the above steps, you can find that the horizontal toggle clamp is much easier to tighten than the previous hexagon nuts.

Modifying the length of the front end of the horizontal toggle clamp is the above steps. If you have other requirements for the horizontal toggle clamp, you can also modify it according to your habits.

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