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Latch Action Toggle Clamp

Latch type toggle clamps also called latch hook toggle clamp or pull-action latch clamps. These latch type clamps operate on a horizontal plane, get pull two sides together, or at 90 degrees. These toggle clamp latch have the advantage of having a low profile and make it most suitable for applications having a height restriction.

Their hook action latch clamp mechanism can make clamp ideally suited for applications on mold cabinet lids, quick release covers, hatches, doors.

This clamp is an absolute must for any jig assembly, welding or field repair.You can use this clamp to latch under a table leaf or cabinet to secure the two sides together.Ideal for use on doors, household appliances, tables, tool boxes, automotive machinery, jig and fixture assemblies, along with many other indoor and outdoor applications requiring a latch type clamp

They are designed for applications where a straight pulling action is needed. Available with an adjustable U-Bolt, Right Angle Adjustable U-Bolt, Adjustable Hook or Fixed Length, these latching toggle clamps are rugged and designed to adapt to any application. Choose latch action toggle clamps based on your holding capacity needs.

Jointech latch type toggle clamps are also available in various material:steel plated zinc or stainless steel.

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