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Pneumatic Toggle Clamp

Pneumatic Toggle Clamps utilize the same basic design and operation as manual hold-down or straight-line toggle clamps, but are operated pneumatically. They retain the desirable toggle-lock safety feature, so they stay mechanically locked even with total loss of air pressure. Holding capacities are a function of the cylinder/clamp/pressure combination. The units are completely self-contained and require only a pressure source hook-up. Most models are equipped with a magnetic piston ring for end position sensing using optional switches.

Pneumatic toggle and fastening clamps, obtain mechanical locking by actuating a pneumatic cylinder with compressed air. Fixture clamps are characterized by a steel body in different finishes. They provide solutions for fixtures and jigs.

Pneumatic clamps are characterized by a high clamping force, reduced size, low consumption of compressed air and reduced weight. Misati pneumatic fastening clamps can easily be completed with afull line of standard accessories, to enable correct functioning. They are also designed to be disassembled easily to allow the replacement of both the pneumatic and mechanical parts.

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