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Toggle Latch Hasp

The core principle behind a toggle latch is that of a carefully calibrated cam action that ensures once the latch is closed, it's locked in position. Although a certain force must be exerted to overcome the cam, operation is easy thanks to the leverage provided by the handle, the length of which determines the required force.

The stainless-Steel Spring-Loaded Chest Latches with Locking Hasp and Catch Plates provide secure closure for your chests, boxes, drawers, cases, cabinets, briefcases, coolers, closets, jigs and assemblies. Their spring-loaded clip-mechanism ensures a crisp latching action, every time. The included locking hasp allows for the protection of your valuables. High quality stainless-steel construction offers rust, weather and mar resistance. Great for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as in projects large and small. These handsome, durable chest latches with plates will be an asset to both the look and utility of all your projects wherever a secure latch structure is required. They are a great addition to any professional or home-based woodworking shop.

When selecting a toggle latch, the maximum load to which it will be subject should be determined. Each latch is designed for a maximum load, and it's suggested to use a safe working load that's half its ultimate tensile strength.The catch plate strength should equal that of the latch.

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