Product description and composition of Vertical Toggle Clamp
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Product description and composition of Vertical Toggle Clamp

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Product description and composition of Vertical Toggle Clamp

Broadly speaking, in any process in the process, a device used to quickly, conveniently, and safely install a workpiece can be called a Vertical Toggle Clamp. A Vertical Toggle Clamp is a mechanism used to fasten the workpiece to ensure that the correct position occupied by the workpiece is not damaged due to external force and vibration during processing. Next, let's take a look at the product description and composition of the Vertical Toggle Clamp. Here are some answers.


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Product description of Vertical Toggle Clamp.

Introduction of Vertical Toggle Clamp.

Product description of Vertical Toggle Clamp.

The spindle supplier of the Vertical Toggle Clamp is GH-FC-38312. One can use toggle clamps for various standard and professional work holding applications. Their relative simplicity and design adaptability make them an indispensable members of the series of work holding equipment. Vertical Toggle Clamp has a load capacity of 700Lbs and a firm grip; it is equipped with an adjustable rubber pressure head. Vertical Toggle Clamp adopts push-pull design and mechanism to achieve maximum clearance. The sturdy handle can be installed on clamps, tool holders, or movable bases. Retracting the fixture will allow the workpiece to be held in a vertical position. This versatile and convenient fixture makes woodworking perfection a breeze.

Vertical Toggle Clamp is made of cold-rolled carbon steel with a galvanized coating, which is very useful and often used in your fixture assembly. This toggle clamp is very strong and can be used for a long time. The handle of the Vertical Toggle Clamp is comfortable, the rubber stop is easy to adjust; the screw-in base makes it movable, and the rubber feet. It will move a little left and right, enough to help fix a piece for angle cutting or fix a piece to a tapered fixture. Vertical Toggle Clamp is easy to install, adjust and use. Use Vertical Toggle Clamp to maximize the practicality, efficiency, and versatility of fixtures and fixtures. We have firmly grasped the perfect clamping force. The structure of the Vertical Toggle Clamp is very sturdy, with a load capacity of 500 pounds. Vertical Toggle Clamp's high-quality galvanized cold-rolled carbon steel structure can effectively resist corrosion and is the first industrial-grade material for clamping components.

Introduction of Vertical Toggle Clamp.

Vertical Toggle Clamp is used for fixing and clamping of tooling or components, luggage clamshell lock, etc. The quick-release toggle has stable clamping force, firm clamping, safe and reliability, and high efficiency, which reduces the processing and assembly operation time of various parts. Toggle clamps are suitable for toolboxes, storage boxes, boxes, boxes, smoker covers, luggage cases, manufacturing fixtures, tool fixtures, workpiece fixtures, connecting movable parts, etc. Vertical Toggle Clamp adopts galvanized iron material, U-shaped clamp rod; oil-proof and anti-fouling red vinyl handle; more sturdy, strong load-bearing shelf, not easy to deform. The installation distance is adjustable, just use screws to fix them on the door or box, you can easily install them.

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