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Hold Down Vertical Toggle Clamp Use For Drilling Operation

  • GH-101-EU
  • Jointech
  • 7326909000

Vertical Toggle ClampVertical Toggle Clamp

Weight: 374g

Holding Capacity: 150kg

Bar Opens: 100°

Handle Opens: 60°

Spindle Supplied: GH-FC-56212

Its already superb construction is enhanced with a zinc plated coating for corrosion resistance and optimized durability. Common Uses in Table Saw Jigs and Fixtures Smoker Grills.

Vertical Quick-Release Toggle Clamp is a must-have addition to your jig assembly. With its sturdy construction and efficient design, this essential tool ensures that you achieve a rock-solid grip on your work piece; providing a hold that won't slip. The grip with a minimum 90-degree angle for easy loading and unloading.

The basic method and steps of Vertical Toggle Clamp design

Each set of Vertical Toggle Clamp has to undergo countless clamping and unclamping actions, so it may be able to meet the user's requirements at the beginning, but the addition should have its accuracy retention, thus do not style one thing contrary to the principle.


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