Information of worm gear hose clamp-hose clamp
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Information of worm gear hose clamp-hose clamp

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Information of worm gear hose clamp-hose clamp

Throat clamp (hose clamp) means widely used in automobiles, tractors, forklifts, locomotives, ships, mining, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and other kinds of water, oil, steam, dust, etc., is the ideal connection fastener. The throat hose clamp is relatively small, and the value is very small, but the role of the throat clamp is huge. The following is a detailed introduction.

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  • Hose clamp characteristics

  • Hose clamp features

  • Classification of hose clamps

Hose clamp characteristics

Throatclamps hose clamps are fasteners for soft and hard pipe connections. Hose clamp to solve the existing technology in the hose clamp for small diameter soft and rigid pipe connection will appear dead ends, resulting in liquid and gas leakage problems, the hose clamp using open inner and outer ring structure and bolt fastening. The hose clamp effectively solves the problem of dead ends and liquid and gas leakage when connecting small-diameter soft and hard pipes, with a simple structure and easy to make at 30% of the original cost.

Hose clamp features

Worm gear friction is small, suitable for medium and high-grade models or anti-corrosion material parts connections. Throat clamp hose clamp wide range of application, torsion and pressure resistance, throat clamp twisting torque balance, locking firm, tight, adjustment range, throat clamp for more than 30mm soft and rigid pipe connection fasteners, beautiful appearance after assembly.

Classification of hose clamps

Hose clamp hose clamps are mainly divided into British, American, German three types, in addition to other derivative products such as pipe bundle European standard hose clamp.

British-style hose clamps

The material of a British-style hose clamp is iron, the surface is galvanized, commonly known as iron galvanized, moderate torque, a cheap, wide range of applications.

German-style hose clamp

The material of the German-style hose clamp is iron, the surface is galvanized, and its buckle distance is stamping, high torque, moderate price is high, and the market share is low due to the high cost of production.

American style hose clamp

American style hose clamp is divided into iron galvanized and stainless steel two kinds, their main difference for the buckle spacing for the perforated shape (i.e., through the eye buckle) market to stainless steel material is mainly used for auto parts, holding rod class and other high-end market prices higher than the other two.

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