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Single Ear Stainless Steel Stepless Crimp Hose Clamp

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  • 5.5-6.5

  • Jointech

  • 7326909000

Stepless Steel Hose ClampStepless Steel Tube ClampStepless Steel Pipe Clamp

Widely use in hoses and plastic pipes, especially suitable for beverage, automotive, marine, motorcycle, and industrial applications.

There is no inner protrusion and gap, narrowband design providing a more concentrated sealing pressure; The cochlear design provides a powerful thermal expansion compensation function, which compensates the dimensional change of the pipe due to temperature changes, so that the pipe is always in a well sealed and fastened state.

Using the proper matching plier, these clamp can be equipped fast and will hold very well, which saves your time efficiently; Multi size pack is handy to have for your projects & repairs.

Made of 304 stainless steel, these clamps are corrosion resistant and anti-rust, can be applied to complex environment; The bigger cold-working deformation 304 stainless steel material get, the greater magnetic properties it will possess, which is normal.


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