What is the trick to latch action toggle clamps?
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What is the trick to latch action toggle clamps?

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What is the trick to latch action toggle clamps?

A latch action toggle clamp is a rod that can apply a strong clamping force. The latch action toggle clamps can be locked and unlocked with little effort. With its ease of use, the Latch action toggle clamp is the leading choice for many people. Using this geometry tip, you will easily use the Latch action toggle clamp.


Here is the content list:

Pin connection

Crank-slider mechanism

Pivoting clamps

Over clamping

Pin connection

Fantastic things can happen when both ends of a link are connected by pins. That is, the force at the end that is not in a straight line causes a movement around the other end. As neither side can support the movement, the whole system will be extremely unbalanced. A double pin linkage in equilibrium can therefore generate forces along the line between each connection.

It is not as complicated as you might think. The structure consists of a series of two-pin links. When you get to the clamping position, the links are correctly aligned and the clamping force is in a straight line along with the link. You can then lock the latch action toggle clamps.

Another tip is about the handle arrangement of the latch action toggle clamps. A good handle arrangement means that the clamping and unclamping movements are perpendicular to the clamping force. Since this force is directed along with the linkage, no force is required to lock or unlock the latch action toggle clamp.

Crank-slider mechanism

In this operating principle, the clamping arm is kept sliding back and forth. The handle of the latch action toggle clamp rotates around a part of the base. It has a linkage that connects the clamping arm to the handle. In this crank-slider mechanism arrangement, the pin in the handle, the linkage, and the clamping arm are aligned horizontally in the clamping position. The force from the latch action toggle clamps is directed along the connecting rod. Instead, the handle is pushed directly downwards in the clamping position

In addition, you can modify this arrangement to lock in the open and closed positions. You can do this when the pins in the linkage and the handle are away from each other. The connecting rods will not only be aligned horizontally but will also resist the force from the clamping arm. Similarly, the release action will be perpendicular to the clamping force. But it is different. The handle will be in tension, not in compression. In addition, the other links will remain in compression.

Pivoting clamps

Another arrangement is a clamping arm that oscillates around a pivot point. It will not slide in a straight line. In addition to this, it is always perpendicular to the center of rotation. By the time the clamping position is reached, the linkage connecting the handle and the clamping arm is aligned with the handle and the fixed point. When it is aligned with the clamping force, the force is directed mainly through the linkage to the point where the handle rotates.

Over clamping

Crank-slide mechanisms and rotary clamps are subject to potential problems such as manufacturing tolerances and vibrations that may lead to misalignment. As a result, forces will be released which could lead to the potential failure of the system. The system is susceptible to these problems because of the high clamping force and the low release force. Even a small amount of clamping force towards the lock can quickly result in a release. Latch action toggle clamps are designed to over-clamp. This means that the locking position is outside the industry standard.

Jointech Industrial Co., Ltd recommends that you learn the above tips so that you can easily use the latch action toggle clamps.

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