What are the types of horizontal toggle clamps?
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What are the types of horizontal toggle clamps?

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What are the types of horizontal toggle clamps?

In any process in the process, the horizontal device used to quickly, conveniently, and safely install the workpiece can be called a horizontal toggle clamp. For example, welding fixtures, inspection fixtures, assembly fixtures, machine tool fixtures, etc. The horizontal toggle clamp is usually composed of positioning components, clamping devices, tool setting guide components, indexing devices, connecting components, and fixture bases. Let's take a closer look at the types of horizontal toggle clamps.

Here is the content list:

Universal horizontal toggle clamp

Dedicated horizontal toggle clamp

Adjustable horizontal toggle clamp

Combined horizontal toggle clamp

Universal horizontal toggle clamp

The universal horizontal toggle clamp, such as machine vise, chuck, suction cup, indexing head, and rotary table, has great versatility and can better adapt to the transformation of processing procedures and processing objects. Its structure has been finalized. Dimensions and specifications have been serialized, and most of them have become standard accessories for machine tools.

Dedicated horizontal toggle clamp

The dedicated horizontal toggle clamp is specially designed and manufactured for the clamping needs of a certain product part in a certain process. The service object is specific and highly pertinent. It is generally designed by the product manufacturer. Commonly used are lathe fixtures, milling machine fixtures, drilling dies (machine tool fixtures for guiding the tool to drill or ream holes on the workpiece), boring mold (machine tool fixture used to guide the boring bar on the workpiece), and traveling fixture (mobile fixture used in the automatic line of the combined machine tool). A folding three-coordinate toggle clamp is a device used on the measuring machine, using its modular support and reference device to complete the flexible fixation of the measured workpiece. The device can be automatically programmed to support the workpiece and establish unlimited reference points for workpiece configuration. Advanced dedicated software can directly pass the geometric data of the workpiece and generate the clamping program of the workpiece within a few seconds. The fixture used to process the inner and outer surfaces and end faces of the workpiece on a lathe is called a lathe horizontal toggle clamp. Most of the toggle clamps of the lathe are installed on the spindle, and a few are installed on the saddle or the bed.

Adjustable horizontal toggle clamp

The horizontal toggle clamp can replace or adjust the components. The clamp can be used to accurately determine the relative position of the workpiece and the prop, that is, the workpiece to be processed can be tightened, so that what needs to be done during the processing of the workpiece can be completed sports.

Combined horizontal toggle clamp

The combined horizontal toggle clamp is a clamp composed of standardized components of different shapes, specifications, and uses. It is suitable for single-piece, small-batch production and temporary tasks where new products are trial-produced and products are frequently replaced.

In addition, the horizontal toggle clamp is divided into force 1-100KG according to force; force 101-20OKG; force 201-300KG; force-301-40OKG; force 401-600KG; force 601-700KG.

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