What are the types of Toggle Latch Hasp?
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What are the types of Toggle Latch Hasp?

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What are the types of Toggle Latch Hasp?

Toggle Latch Hasp as the name implies, lap in two items used to fasten the object is called a latch, applicable to push or pull or up and down single or double doors, windows, boxes, and drawers, etc. Its main types are stainless steel flat mouth buckle, heavy-duty military buckle, long type buckle, spring buckle, adjustable buckle, carriage buckle, bridge buckle, luggage buckle, and self-locking buckle. The following is the detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

Stainless Steel Toggle Latch Hasp

Heavy Duty Military Toggle Latch Hasp

Carriage Toggle Latch Hasp

Safety Toggle Latch Hasp

Adjustable Toggle Latch Hasp

Stainless Steel Toggle Latch Hasp

Stainless steel Toggle Latch Haspis commonly known in the market as stainless steel buckle. It is made of 304 stainless steel plate stamping and forming after several procedures of assembly. Mainly used in stainless steel products industry, instrument industry, mechanical and electrical equipment industry, packaging industry, high-tech industry, logistics industry, etc.

Stainless steel flat mouth Toggle Latch Hasp is mainly divided into four specifications: heavy-duty flat mouth hitch 79mm, thickness: 1.8mm; No. 1 flat mouth hitch 90mm, thickness: 1.5mm; No. 2 flat mouth hitch 73mm, thickness: 1.5mm; No. 3 flat mouth hitch 57mm, thickness: 1.2mm.

Heavy Duty Military Toggle Latch Hasp

Heavy-duty military Toggle Latch Hasp as the name implies is mainly a military product packaging box mounted on the fasteners, used for troops and logistics product packaging. The industry also has many industries with such fasteners, such as import and export boxes, transport boxes, aviation boxes, etc. The heavy-duty military buckle is divided into two kinds: the large standard load is 95KG small standard load of 70KG.

Carriage Toggle Latch Hasp

Carriage Toggle Latch Hasp is a hitch used in the back of the car, cargo car, or electric tricycle.

Safety Toggle Latch Hasp

The Toggle Latch Hasp is a safety device that is added on top of the hasp to prevent the hasp from being opened or popped open at will. So the insurance buckle can play a safety role. Is used in mechanical vibration or often collision to play a protective role.

Adjustable Toggle Latch Hasp

(1) It is used in high-end machines, precision equipment is used to adjust the precision.

(2)It can be adjusted when using the installation position, ordinary fit, more conducive to the operation, commonly used in the application of heavy-duty Toggle Latch Hasp.

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