What are the precautions for horizontal toggle clamps?
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What are the precautions for horizontal toggle clamps?

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What are the precautions for horizontal toggle clamps?

A horizontal toggle clamp is very common in mechanical processing, and a horizontal toggle clamp plays a decisive role in processing quality. If you want to machine a product well, you must go through the six stages of selecting processing equipment, selecting relevant fixtures, relevant tools, tool cutting paths, quenching and tempering heat treatment, and subsequent packaging. Every small error may cause the product to be scrapped. When using the horizontal toggle clamp, there are many small problems that are easily overlooked, and it is these small problems that have brought many unexpected losses to actual production. Today we talk about some issues that need attention in the installation of horizontal toggle clamps in actual production.

Here is the content list:

Check for deformation

Check the leverage table

Check for looseness

Check for deformation

Before installation, check whether the horizontal toggle clamp is deformed or not. Because of the long-term use of the horizontal toggle clamp, the improper operation in the previous use caused the tool to hit the knife or tighten the parts too strongly or too much, which caused the deformation of the fixture positioning point, which caused the fixture error to exceed the standard. Because the first inspection during production usually ignores related dimensional inspections that have nothing to do with this process, it is easy to cause batches to be scrapped, which has serious consequences and heavy responsibilities. Therefore, the pre-installation inspection can prevent problems before they happen, and the necessity is predictable.

Check the leverage table

It is easy to overlook whether the horizontal toggle clamp lever meter is normal when calibrating the watch. In actual production, when the horizontal toggle clamp is installed on the worktable of the machine tool, correction is required to place the positioning surface parallel to a certain axis of the machine tool. However, due to stressful work, time, carelessness, etc., it is often neglected to check whether the pointer of the lever meter is repeatedly reset on the same scale. Because the lever meter itself is faulty, there will be a lot of deviations in the reference level of the alignment, so the processed product is certainly not qualified. Therefore, we must pay attention to check the horizontal toggle clamp lever meter.

Check for looseness

It is easy to neglect to check whether the horizontal toggle clamp is loose during processing. Since the horizontal toggle clamp generally processes a batch of products of the same model and specification, but the batch size is large, we should check the firmness of the horizontal toggle clamp one or more times in the middle when encountering a large batch. Because under the action of continuous cutting force, the equipment will have slight vibration, and under the action of vibration and reaction force for a long time, the tie rod nut will loosen. Therefore, we must pay attention to check whether the horizontal toggle clamp is loose.

The above points are the problems that often occur in the actual production of horizontal toggle clamps. These problems are very small and the consequences are serious. The benefit is not only the number of products we process per unit time but more importantly the quality of the products we process. The benefit is the wealth that qualified products can bring. Only qualified products can be profitable. Only when quality is guaranteed can we pursue quantitative qualifications.

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