What are the latch action toggle clamps applications?
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What are the latch action toggle clamps applications?

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What are the latch action toggle clamps applications?

The latch action toggle clampconsists of a guide bar with a fixed clamp holder at one end and a movable clamp body with a positioning device inside the guide bar, the positioning end of the fixed clamp holder being inserted at the end of the guide bar. On one side of the positioning end is fixed the inner ring holder, which is equipped with a pin that can be moved and pierced laterally into the guide bar. The outer end of the pin is connected to the outer ring seat, and the side end of the positioning mobile device in the movable clamp body is provided with an exposed hand knob that can be triggered to lock the push plate back and forth. Thus, the latch action toggle clamp has a simple and reasonable layout, easy to use, reliable, can complete the fast-clamping intentions, improve efficiency, easy to promote the application of features. Latch action toggle clamps are widely used in industrial sectors where products need to be fixed and locked, such as certain molds, fixed and locked after the upper and lower molds are closed. In addition, it can also be used in the following applications.

Here is the content list:

Coping with narrow rails

Cut tenons safely with the table saw

Locking the cut

Coping with narrow rails

Unless the workpiece is backed up in some way, the rails of a cabinet door can be dangerous when passing through the latch. Without adequate support, the rail will turn onto the drill. Not only will the cut be broken, but your fingers will also be at risk. A latch action toggle clamp can be used to construct an easy-to-make locking jig. Take a thick base plate and place a spacer plate as thick as the guide on top. Two latch action toggle clampswill nail and secure the rail to the base and the spacer becomes a stop and sacrificial surface. By sliding the clamps through the fence and drill, one coplanar cut after another will be created.

Cut tenons safely with the table saw

It is not safe to simply stand the workpiece up and feed it freely into the saw blade. Instead, create a mortising jig with the scrap and two toggle clamps. Create a high fence so that the workpiece is safely placed vertically. By mounting the two latch action toggle clamps on a spacer on the fence behind the workpiece, the workpiece can be fed perfectly and safely through the saw. This tilting fence can be adjusted as required to allow cheek cuts to be made.

Locking the cut

Closing the incision with the bar clamp is not easy. The latch action toggle clamp can be used with a perfectly square backing plate and base to apply lateral force to create a simple miter cutting station. Remember to use painter's tape to prevent the glue from sticking to the base and backstop.

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