What are the characteristics of horizontal toggle clamps?
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What are the characteristics of horizontal toggle clamps?

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What are the characteristics of horizontal toggle clamps?

A horizontal toggle clamp is a device used to fix the processed object in the machine manufacturing process so that it occupies the correct position to accept construction or inspection. When processing a workpiece on a machine tool, to make the surface of the workpiece meet the technical requirements of the size, geometry, and mutual position accuracy with other surfaces specified in the drawing, the workpiece must be installed and clamped with a horizontal toggle clamp before processing. Then, let's introduce in detail what are the characteristics of horizontal toggle clamps?


Here is the content list:

l Working principle

l Enhanced wear resistance

l Wide range of applications

Working principle

Ahorizontal toggle clamp is designed according to the principle of the double rocker mechanism in the plane four-bar mechanism. Its basic structure is composed of four components such as a connecting rod, a frame, and two connecting rods. When the two hinge points of the connecting rod and the connecting rod and the hinge point of one of the connecting rods and the frame are in the same straight line, the mechanism is at the dead center position. At this time, no matter how great the reaction force (except the vitreous reaction force) of the pressed workpiece is, the indenter cannot be released. This is the dead-point clamping principle in mechanical mechanics, and the horizontal toggle clamp takes advantage of this kind of principle.

Enhanced wear resistance

The horizontal toggle clamp is simple in structure, easy to install, quick to load and unload, and easy to operate. The clamping force of the horizontal toggle clamp is stable, safe, and reliable, and has high work efficiency. It greatly reduces the time in the process of processing, assembling, fixing, and clamping various parts. Therefore, the surface of the parts is smooth and beautiful after electroplating and anti-rust treatment, so that it has higher strength and wear resistance.

Wide range of applications

Horizontal toggle clamp is widely used in the manufacture of electronic parts and communication materials; sheet metal and iron pipe clamp assembly of automobiles, motorcycle frames, bicycles, etc., sports equipment production, aircraft assembly, qualitative PU molding, toys and other related parts, the fixed clamping for processing and assembly also requires a horizontal toggle clamp.

The prevention of deformation of plastic products, the milling, and tapping of parts related to wooden products in processing plants are inseparable from the horizontal toggle clamp; the connection of industrial pipelines such as chemical testing and food, and various mass production involving processing when the object needs to be fixed, the horizontal toggle clamp can be used in various other situations that require fixed clamping to be completed or work.

A horizontal toggle clamp has a wide range of applications, can increase the wear resistance of parts, and has many advantages.

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