What are the advantages of latch action toggle clamps?
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What are the advantages of latch action toggle clamps?

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What are the advantages of latch action toggle clamps?

The Latch action toggle clamp is a type of Quick Clamp. It is used in a wide range of industrial applications where the product needs to be locked in place, for example in certain molds, after the upper and lower molds have been closed, and some varieties have been designed as a standard part of some industrial equipment. The latch action toggle clamps are widely used because of their many advantages. Here is a brief introduction to the latch action toggle clamps.


Here is the content list:

l Dead point clamping

l Repeatability

l Flexibility

l Production capacity

l Quality

l Return on investment

l Reduced investment

l Reduced human error

l Convenience and safety of maintenance

Dead point clamping

The latch action toggle clamp is based on the mechanical principle of the double rocker mechanism of the flat four-bar mechanism. When the two hinge points of the connecting rod and the frame rod and the hinge point of one of the connecting rods and the frame, the three points are in a straight line, the mechanism is in a dead position. At this point, the workpiece is pressed, no matter how large the counterforce (except destructive counterforce), can not make the pressure head release, this is the mechanical mechanism of the dead point clamping principle.


A precise and universal tooling system enables production to be standardized. Workpieces that have been done before can be repeated at any time by other operators with accuracy and without error. The workpiece can be inspected, measured and, if necessary, the datum position reworked before being clamped in the work system.


Flexibility is difficult to put into figures. But today it is vital to be able to adapt to changing requirements. Latch action toggle clamps can reduce machining times, even for small series or one-off products. This increases your flexibility in terms of planning and production.

Production capacity

Automation converts unmanned nights into actual machining times. The latch action toggle clamps allow processing times of up to 16 hours per day based on one shift of manual operation.


Thanks to well-organized work steps and technical support, unnecessary errors are reduced and the quality of production and product quality is significantly improved.

Return on investment

The latch action toggle clamps require only a small investment and the increased production capacity ensures a return on investment after a short period.

Reduced investment

By reducing the pre-adjustment time, the customer invests less in latch action toggle clamps and does not affect the planned production efficiency, resulting in a lower investment cost.

Reduced human error

The latch action toggle clamps are automated and standardized, which reduces human error and increases productivity and product quality.

Convenience and safety of maintenance

When a mold needs to be repaired or reworked, the latch action toggle clamps can be re-installed for machining.

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