Toggle Latch Hasp Process Steps
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Toggle Latch Hasp Process Steps

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Toggle Latch Hasp Process Steps

Toggle Latch Hasp is an accessory that is lapped onto two items for fastening. What do we need to pay attention to in the manufacture of the Toggle Latch Hasp, and what are the processes required to turn a small latch into a satisfactory quality product?


Here is the content list:


Edge and interior

Material thickness

Accessories assembly


Start with the surface treatment of Toggle Latch Hasp: good plates make Toggle Latch Hasp with a smooth surface, plus the plating is very smooth. Poor plates made out of buckles are potholes, even if the plating several layers is the same because the plating will not fill the product surface defects. Some will also be born small bubbles or yellowing and other problems, these are the performance of inferior products.

Edge and interior

From the edge of the Toggle Latch Hasp and internal: good buckle production is to be burr treatment so that the product will not scratch the hand or ugly; then good mold use for a long time to make the buckle will generate burrs, so to deal with; poor products produced without surface treatment directly assembled into shape, so you can save part of the cost, with the hand will scratch or difficult to open, this is called cutting corners.

Material thickness

From the Toggle Latch Hasp material thickness: often people see good products thick material, used for a long time, poor products thin, cheap, not much time to break down. The same reason Toggle Latch Hasp is also the same, good products thick material, the force is strong, the number of times to use, long life. Poor product material thin force is weak, so it will be deformed and easy to damage, the number of times to useless, short life.

Accessories assembly

From Toggle Latch Hasp each accessory assembly technology: the product is good or bad, with long and short life, assembly technology and assembly of accessories have a lot to do with. A good product is assembled each activity details are quite flexible and free, rivets and springs are made according to the product size standard. Poorly assembled products are either too tight or too loose, the gap is too large up and down, the rivets and springs are also non-standard, these are the quality and life of the buckle will be reduced.

If you still have questions about Toggle Latch Hasp, please feel free to ask us. Our official website is For over 20 years, we have been specializing in the development of elbow clips, elbow hitches, hose clamps, and CNC precision machined components. Through continuous accumulation and innovation, we have become a new type of enterprise with strong technical capability and standardized management. With the help of precision CNC machines and skilled employees, our products have been sold to more than 40 different countries. Jointech provides customers with a wide range of fixtures, not only for general use but also to produce custom fixtures according to customer requirements.

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