Toggle Latch Hasp - Features and Principles of Spring Loaded Latch
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Toggle Latch Hasp - Features and Principles of Spring Loaded Latch

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Toggle Latch Hasp - Features and Principles of Spring Loaded Latch

You may not be familiar with spring latches, but they are very common in daily life. The role of the spring latch is to enable the equipment to maintain the fastening role at the same time will not be loose because of vibration, so it can be very good to keep the equipment in a regular vibration. So what are the characteristics and principles of spring latches? The following is a detailed introduction.


Here is the content list:

Features of spring latches

The working principle of the spring latch

Features of spring latches

The main feature of the spring latch products is the strong clamping force, especially the stainless steel latch, the maximum up to about 900KG of tension. Another can play several special features, such as the convenience of rapid opening and closing, can play a sound insulation effect (shielding box buckle), sealing effect, etc.

Another feature of the elastic hitch lock is in the spring, it can be installed in the equipment with vibration phenomenon, because the equipment line may produce resonance phenomenon, if the hitch accessories do not have a certain buffer effect, the resonance effect will be offset, over time, will produce damage to the hitch accessories, greatly shorten the service life of the hitch lock.

The working principle of the spring latch

Spring buckle's main function, is to make two objects fastened together, will not loosen, more importantly, it can quickly fasten and lift the two objects fastened state. And this spring buckle and other forms of box latch are not the same, it is installed spring, so that after fastening can be maintained in a long-term fastening attitude, if not installed spring latch, after a long time, may permanently lose the fastening function.

Spring latch is a functional industrial fastener to solve the problem of functionality, the shape structure requirements are not very large, mainly used in chassis cabinets, toolboxes, stainless steel frame structure, industrial testing equipment, test equipment, and other such places.

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