How to install the horizontal toggle clamp
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How to install the horizontal toggle clamp

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How to install the horizontal toggle clamp

When the horizontal toggle clamp is machining, the workpiece must occupy a certain correct position relative to the tool and its cutting forming movement in the machine tool or fixture, which is called positioning. In order to enable the workpiece to withstand the cutting force and maintain its correct position during processing, it must be compressed or clamped, which is called clamping. The process from positioning to clamping is called installation or clamping. Whether the workpiece is installed correctly, reliably, quickly, and conveniently will affect the processing quality and productivity. Let us introduce the common installation methods in detail below.

Here is the content list:

Direct installation

Install with special tools

Selection of positioning datum

Direct installation

The workpiece is directly installed on the workbench or general horizontal toggle clamp, such as three-jaw chuck, four-jaw chuck, flat-nose pliers, electromagnetic chuck, etc. Sometimes the workpiece can be clamped directly without additional alignment. For example, a three-jaw chuck or electromagnetic chuck can be used to install the workpiece. Sometimes direct installation needs to use a certain surface or scribe line on the workpiece as the reference for aligning the workpiece. After aligning with a scribe or dial indicator, clamping is performed. For example, a four-jaw chuck or a machine tool table is used to install the workpiece.

The positioning accuracy and work efficiency of this installation horizontal toggle clamp method depend on the accuracy of looking for the front, the method of alignment, the tools used, and the skill level of the workers. Such as scoring alignment, the general alignment accuracy is 0.2~0.5mm. However, the positioning accuracy of this installation method is not easy to guarantee, and the productivity is low, so it is suitable for single-piece small batch production and rough machining of large workpieces.

Install with special tools

The workpiece is directly installed in the horizontal toggle clamp specially designed and manufactured for its processing, without the need for alignment, it can quickly and reliably ensure the correct relative position of the workpiece to the machine tool and the tool. This method is easy to operate and requires workers to have low skills. But because the design, manufacture, and maintenance of the dedicated horizontal toggle clamp require investment, it is widely used in mass production or mass production.

Selection of positioning datum

Used as a positioning datum in processing, called positioning datum. The points and lines on the workpiece as the positioning reference are usually embodied by the concrete surface. For example, the axis of the hole is represented by the surface of the hole. Therefore, the positioning reference can be collectively referred to as the positioning base. During the processing of the workpiece, if the unprocessed rough surface is used as the surface of the positioning reference, this reference surface is called the rough reference; if it is the processed surface, it is called the fine reference. A horizontal toggle clamp can choose the positioning datum according to the purpose of use, which is an important process of installation.

The installation and use of horizontal toggle clamp are roughly the same. The correct installation method can improve the efficiency of use.Jointech Industrial Co.,Ltd focuses on improving the quality of horizontal toggle clamps, you can consider buying our products.

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