How to install latch action toggle clamps?
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How to install latch action toggle clamps?

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How to install latch action toggle clamps?

Latch action toggle clamps are known to be a type of quick clamp. But you may not be very clear on how to install a latch action toggle clamp. Here is a brief introduction.

Machining the positioning clamping holes

Equipped with accessories

Designing the appropriate fixture


Machining the positioning clamping holes

After the new table surface is completed, a set of positioning clamping holes are machined on the machining center. The holes are arranged according to a certain rule, with the first hole at the zero points of the table plane coordinates and the remaining holes arranged in the negative direction of the coordinates, with equal distances between adjacent holes. The following conditions are taken into account for the setting of the hole distances: even division of the table coordinate plane, size of the part, and the latch action toggle clamps, taking easy-to-remember integers. In addition to the fixture for parts with special shapes and sizes, you can also add another clamping hole at an appropriate location on the additional table to reduce the fixture area, to facilitate operation.

Equipped with accessories

To facilitate the installation of latch action toggle clamps can be equipped with accessories such as cylindrical locating pins diamond-shaped locating pins and locating clamping pins. These pins can be positioned with a nut screwed on to hold the clampdown to a spacer for adjusting the orientation of the diamond pin, which is half the thickness of the thread pitch of the diamond pin. The height of the spacer is the same as the height of the latch action toggle clamp base plate, which prevents hole rusting when the screw plug is greased and screwed into the hole without the locating pin.

Designing the appropriate fixture

For latch action toggle clamps with only one hole to be machined, a positioning hole in the fixture is sufficient. For latch action toggle clamps for multi-station parts, two positioning holes are reserved, the distance between them being multiplied by the distance between the holes in the table plane. When the cutting forces are small, the clamping pins can be used and the latch action toggle clamps do not have to be left on the edge for clamping. In general latch action toggle clamps can be used with clamping edges by the position of the clamping pins or with slots in the base plate for clamping purposes.


The latch action toggle clamps have proved to be quick and easy to install, and the clamps are already accurately positioned while they are installed, by directly inputting the coordinates of the cylindrical locating pins. The design of the latch action toggle clamps has been simplified to facilitate the standardization of the clamps. When processing flat parts, it is not necessary to design and manufacture a fixture with a large height. The reduced horizontal area of the latch action toggle clamps allows for more fixtures to be placed on the work surface. The controlled set-up time of the latch action toggle clamps facilitates production planning and management.

Our latch action toggle clamps are easy to install and easy to use, making them the right choice for you.

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