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Heavy Duty Welding Toggle Clamp Use On Electronic Industry

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  • GH-71225

  • Jointech

  • 8205700000

Heavy Duty Weldable Toggle ClampHeavy Duty Weldable Toggle Clamp

Weight: 1950g

Holding Capacity: 1200kg

Bar Opens: 180°

Handle Opens: 125°

In the electronics industry.

In the production of wiring harnesses for various electronic products, equipment, and household appliances, Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps are used in the inspection process, and some factories use Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps during assembly. In the production of electronic components, such as filters, amplifiers, etc., Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps are used on test equipment and test fixtures. Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps are used as accessories on electronic production equipment, such as wave soldering machines, reflow soldering machines, DDC machines, reflow ovens, screen stretching machines, screen printing machines, etc. In the metal shells of various electrical appliances, such as water heaters, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, various cabinets, cabinets, etc., the Heavy Duty Toggle Clamp is clamped on the "welding mold" as a fixture.


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