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Black Finish Drop Forged Steel Heavy Duty Welding Toggle Clamp

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  • GH-70315

  • Jointech

  • 8205700000

Heavy Duty Weldable Toggle ClampHeavy Duty Weldable Toggle Clamp

Weight: 940g

Holding Capacity: 500kg

Bar Opens: 214°

Handle Opens: 134°

Heavy duty toggle Clamps range from heavy duty sealed clamps for welding environments, to compact light duty clamps for a variety of clamping applications. These toggle-action heavy duty clamps offer exceptional clamping forces and holding capacities, far greater than clamps of a similar size. Heavy duty toggle clamps are manufactured from ductile cast iron to form a strong and rigid heavy duty base.

Why choose us

Toggle clamps seem insignificant but important,they works as connection and fixture, any problem

may cause big losses,we have:

1.20 years expertise on hose clamps gives you more trust on quality;

2.High cost performance products win high reputation,get the chance for worldwide famous brands;

3.Lead time can be fully guaranteed,free the anxiety of environmental inspecion;

4.After-sale service shares the same importance as quality,you are free to raise your complaint if any problem happens.

5.One of the reasons of our good quality is that we take advises of our customers for 20 years, and we respect any feedback of our friends.

6.Professional and effective staffs for any questions you have.


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