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Big Holding Force Weldable Toggle Clamp Use in Electronic Product

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  • GH-70320

  • Jointech

  • 7326909000

Heavy Duty Weldable Toggle ClampHeavy Duty Weldable Toggle Clamp

Weight: 290g

Holding Capacity: 300kg

Bar Opens: 210°

Handle Opens: 134°

Before you drill any holes, set up the clamp with the lever raised about an inch above the closed position, and use that as a guide. The good news is that you can adjust the tension after installation using the nuts on the end of the tenion arm.

A toggle clamp is a linkage that can apply a powerful clamping force. The good news is that it requires little effort to lock or even unlock. With its ease of use, it’s no wonder why many people make it a leading option. Typically, this is accomplished thru a geometric trick. This directs the force into the base. But it does not oppose the lock or unlock action. You can look at common styles that demonstrate the trick.


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